Hi, I'm Amar Shah!

Amar brings invaluable insights and expertise to our journey. As former CEO and co-founder of Wayve, an autonomous driving unicorn from the UK, Amar was instrumental in raising $40 million and assembling a team of 60 world-class engineers to develop an end-to-end machine learning stack for self-driving cars.  Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Amar was a Quantitative Strategist at Goldman Sachs and completed his PhD in Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof Zoubin Ghahramani and Prof Yoshua Bengio, the 2018 Turing Award winner. Amar's deep understanding of machine learning, combined with his experience in scaling a company from its inception to Series A, makes him an exceptional addition to our advisory team.


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Robust in nature.

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