Loader Autonomy

Embodied AI for Material Manipulation and Complex Tasks

Solve the most complex material handling task in any condition

Built with a focus to understand your environment and follow your instructions.

Solve any Task

Our embodied AI breaks down any task into actionable steps and executes them seamlessly in your operation.

Resist any harsh conditions

Leveraging novel 4D radar, our embodied AI sees beyond the visible spectrum, through dust, darkness and muddy conditions.

Interact naturally

Control the daily tasks of your machinery in a human-centric interface, ensuring seamless interaction for your workers.

Give Your Machine Human-Like Tasks in Highly Complex Environments

Human Centric Task Assignment

For the first time, interact with your machinery in a truly human-centric way. Command your machinery in your natural language; it will understand you and decompose the tasks into actionable steps.

Deep Understanding of the Environment

Our embodied AI gains a deep understanding of the environment in even the most harsh conditions by leveraging 4D radars that see beyond the visible spectrum, through dust, darkness and muddy conditions.

Handle any Material

Our system enables delicate material handling across various material compositions, both underground and on the surface. It applies a generalizable expert policy to interact with the environment just like a human.

Understand the Thoughts and Reasoning of the Machine

Our technology always anticipates the next steps, providing the human operator with a deep understanding of the machine's operations.


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