4D Surface Collision Avoidance

Increase Safety and Prevent Lost Time Injuries (LTI)

Improve operational efficiency

Built with safety and easy-of-use in mind.

Improve Safety

The average cost of a Lost Time Injury lies at $250,000 per incident.

Capture Revenue

sensmore identifies inefficiencies and helps customer to unlock additional revenue.

Reduce OpEx

Avoid high maintenance costs as a result of accidents or operational downtime.

Lean hardware - driven by AI

With the help of 4D radar-driven collision & traffic warning – live in operations today.

On a tablet installed in the driver cabin

Providing warnings & alerts to the driver on high-risk objects, speed zones, forbidden zones and live positioning.

Data on vehicle positioning, safety metrics, cycle times, etc

Complemented by a web-based platform for the site manager to improve operational performance.

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