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Bjarne Johannsen2023-07-27

Open Sourcing kappe, a new ros2 MCAP data migration tool!

If you're a robotics engineer, you're all too familiar with the headaches of dealing with corrupted logdata, continuous recordings in need of splitting, incorrect transformations, deprecated topic names, wrong timestamps... Along our journey, we've developed powerful tools to overcome these challenges. We absolutly love the MCAP container for large scale robotics data! Today we're open-sourcing our proprietary tool, kappe! 🎉 The Open Source Robotics Foundation featured us in their last weeks newletter! Kappe is a painless, efficient data migration tool. Designed to convert and split ROS2 MCAP files seamlessly. We strongly believe in the open-source robotics community and are excited to contribute value back to it. 🔗 GitHub: 🔗 PyPI:


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